Lisa Barber LPC-S

Specializing in Mindfulness Based Therapy, I work with adults, teens, and pre-teens addressing concerns such as Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Relationship Conflict, Job/ School Dissatisfaction, Behavioral issues, and Low Self Esteem. There are many reasons for seeking counseling, but the end goal is usually the same: to obtain greater happiness, internal peace, and more satisfaction personally and relationally. Whether seeking services for yourself or your child, we will work together to resolve the challenges you are facing that are withholding you from experiencing life in the way you desire: Life as a gift, not as a burden. 

I provide individual counseling and family therapy to a range of age groups, from childhood to adulthood. Knowing that a strong rapport is key to successful therapy, I work with each client to foster a relationship that encourages a greater level of self acceptance that leads to growth and change. With adults and teens, I incorporate Mindfulness practices and Expressive Arts to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your desires for the future. With my young population I utilize Art Therapy and Activity Therapy to further emotional insight and self awareness on a level that speaks to the creative thinking of children and adolescents. Parent Coaching is incorporated to help foster a more healthy connection and positive communication between you and your child. 

When not in the counseling room, I am busy raising my three young children. Knowing how critical self care is to being a positive parent and working adult, I do my daily best to uphold my own mindfulness practice and regular exercise. I am passionate about merging my own well being with the well being of my family; I recognize from personal experience and through witnessing the experience of others, the more healthy I am mentally and physically, the more present and positive I can be for my children and family. We are all in this daily balancing act together. 

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