Andrea Johnson LPC


Living in a world that seems to teach us more ways to avoid or numb our feelings, I believe my therapy office provides a safe place to be honest and to feel and to heal. Therapy is a process of being honest with yourself and learning how to feel while learning to listen to yourself about what you need and want. Living by the “shoulds” and “coulds” of our world leaves us depleted and drained. This can leave us in a place of anger, anxiety, confusion, and exhaustion. I believe we all have an inner compass and if we allow ourselves to listen to it good changes happen. It takes courage and support to expose the vulnerability necessary.

I specialize in relationship issues as I believe our relationships effect every part of our lives. I provide couples counseling as well as individual therapy for struggles with anxiety, anger, depression, grief, stress management, divorce support, and blending of families and abuse recovery.

I have been here at Family Connections for over ten years. Prior to private practice, I worked in nonprofit helping survivors of domestic violence and inpatient psychiatry. I obtained my Masters of Education and Bachelors of Arts from North Texas University. Most recently I have trained with John and Julie Gottman as well as Sue Johnson pursuing my niche in Couples Counseling.

When not being “therapist,” I am “wife” and “mom.”  If you don’t find me on the sidelines of a baseball or football game of one of by boys you will find me cooking, crafting, or reading. I cherish my down time to relax, be outside, and travel. Life has taught me that you never know what tomorrow brings so I intentionally cherish every day.

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